Being a student isn't always easy. Campus Exclusive is here to help.

Nobody likes to earn a little and spend a lot.
Campus Exclusive can help in two important ways: To help you save money, we've got amazing deals on the products and services that you spend most of your money on, like textbooks, cell phones and clothing. To help you make money, we've got programs in place to help you earn some extra cash in your spare time on campus. Now you'll have plenty of extra money to avoid the meal-plan cafeteria food, buy that extra pair of shoes and print those flyers for the party.

Until now, finding a good internship was almost impossible.
Our internship section makes us one of the only companies on the Internet focused entirely on helping students find good jobs while in school. We're not like those other sites that are 99% full-time jobs and 1% internships... whether you need an internship over the summer or throughout the school year, we can help.

Having trouble reaching a lot of people on campus?
We know that posting pieces of paper next to an elevator or on a light pole is a pretty inefficient way to reach other students on campus. To solve this problem, we've created the Campus Exchange to help students sell their goods (like used books and furniture), find services (like tutors and developers), and promote events (like club meetings and parties). Finally, a way to stay connected to your campus.