BLOCKBUSTER, the world's largest video rental chain, is offering Campus Exclusive members a one month free trial of BLOCKBUSTER Total Access™ which includes two online rentals and two in-store exchanges.

Only BLOCKBUSTER Total Access™ gives you the convenience of renting movies online and the choice of either returning them by mail or to a participating store, where you can exchange them for new movies or discounted game rentals.

Renting DVDs is as easy as adding movies to your queue and waiting for them to arrive in the mail. When you're done, place the DVD in the provided prepaid envelope and send it back through the mail or return it to a participating store. Then the next DVD will be on its way. Keep movies as long as you like because there are no due dates or late fees with online rentals.

Click here to receive your free month of DVDs! After that pay $9.99 for two online rentals and two in-store rentals or switch to any one of their other plans starting at just $3.99 per month.

Campus Exclusive Tips:
- If you are not satisfied with BLOCKBUSTER Total Access™ you can always cancel your subscription within the first month and pay nothing.

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Free DVDs for a month!

The Blockbuster Total Access program offers more than 80,000 titles delivered directly to your door. Campus Exclusive members can now try the program free of charge for one month.


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